We specialize in assisting retirees and those nearing retirement with creating risk-managed retirement strategies and guaranteed income tactics. We believe well-qualified retirement income planning help should be available to every individual and strive to provide each of our clients with strategies they can rely on. We have strategic partnerships with tax professionals and attorneys allowing us to help you plan for every facet of your retirement income future.

Efficiency is one of our top priorities because we understand how valuable your time is. That is why we offer secure online meetings, as well as in-person meetings. Our online meetings are done via teleconference from the comfort of your home, wherever it may be. We know how exposed presenting your finances to someone can feel, which is why we think online meetings are so great—you can discuss everything from a place where you feel most comfortable.

Our resources are your resources, so, whether you’re interested in creating an income stream to last your lifetime, identifying strategies for maintaining the wealth you’ve created, providing a legacy for others or all of the above, contact us or make an appointment to find out more about how we can help.

Tax-Efficient Strategies*

One of the biggest factors in living the retirement of your dreams is considering how taxes may affect your sources of retirement income. This can include IRA planning techniques, rollovers, tax-free wealth transfers, tax-free income, filing for the proper tax deductions and strategic required minimum distributions (RMDs).

With a stable strategy in place, you can be confident your retirement income is optimized against unnecessary taxes, penalties and fees and turn April 15 from a dreaded day to a celebrated one.

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Retirement Income Planning

Do you have plans to travel the world or go golfing every day once you retire? If so, saving, planning and considering your potential sources of income during retirement is very important to reaching your retirement goals.

At Ganan Insurance Group, we offer a wide array of services focused on creating a personalized and risk-managed retirement income strategy for you. Because we are an independent agency, we can help ensure your retirement income strategies fit your needs and not the other way around.

We are fluent in the use of guaranteed income strategies and risk-managed retirement options and are committed to sharing our expertise and informing you on how to best reach your retirement income goals. Whether you’re just starting off planning or are already retired, we can help make your retirement funds last.

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Legacy Planning

You’ve worked hard all your life and your life’s successes deserve to last and be passed on to your loved ones; however, without the right strategies in place, taxes and probate costs can eat up much of how much you pass on. We will help you create a reliable succession and/or estate plan in order to minimize the emotional impact on your family and ensure your legacy lives on through the people or organizations you love.

Our legacy planning process includes prioritizing your estate goals, ensuring your legal documents are up-to-date and customizing a strategy to meet your long-term needs. Ganan Insurance Group and our partners have the resources and the experience to execute the proper strategies for your needs and provide you with assurance your legacy will live on as you would like it to.

*No tax advice will be provided. As required by the IRS, you are advised that any discussion of tax issues in this material is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, (a) to avoid penalties imposed under the Internal Revenue Code or (b) to promote, market or recommend to another party any transaction or matter addressed herein. Although Roth IRA contributions (including Traditional IRA conversion amounts) are made with after-tax dollars, the interest earnings generated in the Roth IRA grow tax deferred and may be withdrawn tax free if certain conditions are met. Determining when (or if) you should convert to a Roth IRA is an individual decision based on factors such as your financial situation, age, tax bracket, current assets and alternate sources of retirement income. Your unique circumstances help determine what’s right for you.

Guaranteed income through the use of fixed annuities. Annuities are long-term products of the insurance industry designed for retirement income. They contain some limitations, including possible withdrawal charges and a market value adjustment that could affect contract values. Guaranteed lifetime income available through annuitization or the purchase of an optional lifetime income rider, a benefit for which an annual premium is charged. Annuities are products of the insurance industry; guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.